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Products for S60

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Applications for S60 phones: All Symbian S60 and Symbian^3 smartphones by Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson

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BigBen S60BigBen displays a large digital or analog clock on the idle screen, with selectable background. The program also locks keys to protect the phone from accidental use, and can display visible and audible reminders for unattended events, like call or SMS.

Digital Clock S60Digital Clock displays the current time, including seconds. The large clock is easily seen from a distance, and adapts to the current screen orientation. Various clock designs are available that can provide the phone with a unique and pleasing appearance.

Instant Menu S60Instant Menu provides more access to your phone's features at the place where you need it most - that is, everywhere. By touching the top-left corner of the screen, a new menu appears. From the Touch Menu you can launch applications and execute useful services. Best of all, you can customize the menu according to your individual needs. A novel way of navigating your phone!

Phone Health Meter S60Phone Health Meter lets you know at a glance if your phone is ready for smooth operation, or if there is a problem. By monitoring critical system resources (like memory, internal and external storage, battery level, and signal strength), Phone Health Meter helps maintaining your phone at maximum performance.

Predator Detonator S60Predator Detonator is a countdown timer clock, that looks like the alien gauntlet, used for self-destruction in the famous sci-fi action movie. Visual and sound effects provide the original Predator feel, including animated counter LEDs, explosion, and more.

Predator's Toolbox S60Predator's Toolbox looks like an alien's self-destructing "wrist-bomb", as seen in the famous Predator movies. It features the rarely seen binary clock, furthermore displays useful phone information, like free memory, drive space, battery level, charging status, network name, and signal strength.

RAMblow S60RAMblow aims to maintain a healthy amount of available memory, or RAM, to help running the phone smooth for a long time. The application provides automated memory management, as well as manual termination of running programs. The memory boost feature can blow RAM up to amounts never before seen.

Speedy Go! S60Speedy Go! improves the performance of Symbian S60 smartphones by display acceleration and overall speed boost. The provided Speed test feature serves to estimate the normal phone speed and the speed gain achieved by acceleration.

Swiss Manager S60Swiss Manager is a composite system utility, providing task management, system information, and file navigation functions. Serving as a true "Swiss army knife", this program is an essential addition to all S60 smartphones.

Time Chime S60Time Chime is a clock application that plays audible signals at specified times. The program provides hourly and quarter-hourly chimes. You can select from pre-defined sounds (like beep effects and bird songs), or choose from your own sound files. You can even instruct the program to say the current time via speech synthesizer.

Twin Files S60Twin Files is a file manager application, featuring a unique dual panel display for convenient transfers between two independent file listings. File manipulation functions include copy, move, delete, rename, send, ZIP file support, and more.

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